Tech Writing

I've done some professional tech writing, and I've written quite a bit informally on the Internet.

Professional Work

I've written GNU/Linux training manuals and training courses for Wave Technologies, TurboLinux, and LinuxGruven.

I wrote the product manual for TurboLinux ClusterServer.

User Groups


I've been on Slashdot a long time – actually I was reading it before it was Slashdot, when it was a site called "Chips and Dip". My ID number is 4157 – it'd be lower, but I didn't see the point of signing up right away.

For some reason that list has nothing prior to 2008, and I'm sure the bulk of my comments were in the 2001 - 2006 time frame. Hopefully some day I'll get a full index of all my comments. In the meantime:

Notable comments: