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I'm looking for a challenging position, solving real problems. Ruby on Rails would be a big plus, as would Agile development. My resume is available in several formats:


December 2015: Started at CenturyLink Cloud as an independent contractor, leading a team to improve their Agile and technical practices.

November 2014: Started at Mercy as independent contractor (through BoochTek), working on an old Rails app, and teaching Agile practices.

October 2013: Started at Liaison International, doing a Rails rescue project, along with some Agile training of the team.

October 2012: Some former co-workers now at Express Scripts convinced me to work on their team, deploying an internal cloud infrastructure. So I'm doing some infrastructure work, as well as building a web front end for management of systems that have been deployed to the cloud.

October 2010: Started at Asynchrony Solutions, as a Sr. Web Developer. I get to do Ruby on Rails most of the time, as well as Agile practices.

April 2010: Got a job at Savvis, doing GNU/Linux and Solaris system administration.

January 2010: Did not make it through the 2nd round of down-sizing at A-B. Picking up more web development work as an independent consultant.

January 2009: Made it through the first round of lay-offs at A-B after the InBev buy-out.

April 2008: Anheuser-Busch asked me to come back to design a network security infrastructure for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

January 2007: Started my own web development consulting company. I now work on small projects doing PHP and Ruby on Rails programming.

June 2006: Got a 6-month extension at Anheuser-Busch, through December.

June 2006: Interviewed with Google. Got flown out to Mountain View, California. Didn't quite make the cut; they were looking for someone with a little more switch and router experience. But I did well, even though the interviews (all technical) were really tough.