This is a list of all the concerts I've gone to. It's currently incomplete, but I hope to fix that as time permits.


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Nelly with St. Louis Symphony February 3 Powell Symphony Hall Beth
Dennis DeYoung February 10 River City Casino solo
Sting February 17 The Pageant Beth
Bon Jovi February 19 Scottrade Center Beth


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Ladysmith Black Mambazo February 9 The Wildey Theatre Beth
Experience Hendrix March 8 The Fabulous Fox Theater Beth
Phil Collins March 11 The Fillmore / Jackie Gleason Theater, Miami Beach Beth
The Who March 26 Scottrade Center Beth
Dread Zeppelin April 2 Blueberry Hill Duck Room Beth
Willie Nelson April 7 Show Me Center, Cape Girardeau Beth, Julie and Chris Wilkison Willie was terrible. Maybe it's because his friend Merle Haggard died the day before.
Miranda Lambert May 13 Hollywood Casino (Riverport) Amphitheatre Beth
Paul Simon June 12 The Fabulous Fox Theater Beth
Jimmy Buffett June 18 DTE Energy Music Theatre, Detroit Beth
Darius Rucker June 24 Hollywood Casino (Riverport) Amphitheatre Beth
America June 26 River City Casino Beth
Chris Stapleton June 30 The Fabulous Fox Theater Beth
Paul McCartney July 8 Marcus Ampitheater, Summerfest, Milwaukee Beth Excellent
Billy Idol July 9 Taste of Chicago, Millennium Park Beth, Dawn Lunsford and Aaron
Peter Gabriel and Sting July 10 The Marcus Ampitheater, Summerfest, Milwaukee Beth
Kenny Chesney July 14 Hollywood Casino (Riverport) Amphitheatre Beth
Journey, The Doobie Brothers, Dave Mason July 30 Hollywood Casino (Riverport) Amphitheatre Beth, Jodi Pierce, Scott and Kerry Schuette
Brad Paisley August 7 Hollywood Casino (Riverport) Amphitheatre Beth
Luke Bryan August 26 Hollywood Casino (Riverport) Amphitheatre Beth
Black Sabbath September 2 Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN Beth
Blue Öyster Cult September 10 Chesterfield Amphitheater Beth, Todd and Colleen Masin
Maroon 5 October 3 Scottrade Center Beth Stood in the pit, just feet away from the band
Rick Springfield, Loverboy, Tommy Tutone October 15 Family Arena Beth, Angie Schmid
Roger Hodgson December 5 River City Casino John Weber


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Rush May 14 Scottrade Center Beth, Julie and Chris Wilkison, Scott and Kerry Schuette
Zac Brown Band May 21 Riverport Amphitheater Beth In the pit, right in front of the stage
Jimmy Buffett June 27 First Midwest Bank Amphitheater, Chicago Beth, Shannon and Bob Guillen
Yes, Toto August 19 Family Arena Beth Ran into John Weber, a couple rows behind me
Jimmy Buffett August 22 Alpine Valley, Wisconsin
Brad Paisley August 30 Riverport Amphitheater Beth
Def Leppard, Styx, Tesla September 4 Riverport Amphitheater Beth, Julie and Chris Wilkison
Justin Hayward September 11 Sheldon Concert Hall Mom
Leon Russell October 17 Ready Room solo
Stevie Wonder October 25 Scottrade Center Beth
REO Speedwagon November 13 Peabody Opera House Beth K-SHE Birthday show


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
REO Speedwagon, Chicago August 8 Riverport (Verizon) Amphitheater Beth, Stacey and Tom Christen, Mike Cavin
El Monstero August 23 Art Hill, Forest Park Beth
Zac Brown Band September 12 Riverport (Verizon) Amphitheater Beth
Justin Hayward November 13 River City Casino Beth
Garth Brooks December 5 Scottrade Center Beth, Betty and Bob Kayser


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Lady Gaga February 2 Scottrade Center Beth Had general admission tickets on the floor, was fairly close to the extended stage. She put on a really good show, although some of it was pretty weird. The opening DJ was good, but didn't really get the crowd dancing. The act before that was a train wreck.
Jimmy Buffett June 29 Charter One Pavilion (Chicago) Beth
El Monstero July 20 Riverport (Verizon) Beth
Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson August 1 Riverport (Verizon) Beth
Bruno Mars, Ellie Goulding August 8 Scottrade Center Beth
BareNaked Ladies October 11 Peabody Beth


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Buddy Guy January Buddy Guy's Legends (Chicago) Beth Great show. We got there a bit late, so had trouble finding a place to stand. But Buddy walks around the entire place (even up and down a flight of stairs), and he was standing directly in front of us for half a song. Exellent showmanship and guitar playing. Love how he tells stories about other musicians that he influenced.
Miranda Lambert, Chris Young June 15 Riverport (Verizon) Beth
Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, Thompson Square June 29 Riverport (Verizon) Beth
Jimmy Buffett August 2 Riverbend Music Center (Cincinnati) Beth Good. Got to spend some time in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Got to spend some time with my cousin and her family in Kentucky.
The Urge, Gravity Kills November 23 The Pageant Beth Liked Gravity Kills a lot. Had forgotten how much fun the keyboard player has on stage, and how heavy their sound is. Didn't care too much for The Urge, but knew that going in.


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Miranda Lambert, Justin Moore, Josh Kelly February 24 Chaifetz Beth She put on a good show. Beth wasn't feeling good.
Toby Keith Riverport (Verizon) Beth
Jimmy Buffett May 3 Riverport (Verizon) Beth
Def Leppard, Heart August 10 Riverport (Verizon) Beth, Angie Schmid, Tracy Shockey
Weird Al June 3 Family Arena Beth, Todd Masin, Colleen Good show. Too many costume changes at the beginning though. Ran into a couple folks from Asynchrony.
Ozzie Osbourne Scottrade Center Beth, Todd Masin
Journey, Foreigner Riverport (Verizon) Beth
The Musical Box (Genesis cover band) November 2 Pageant Beth Pretty good. Was neat to see more of what Genesis was like in the early days. They did the costumes, and just a bit of the story telling. The crowd was about 90% men in their 40s or 50s.


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
BB King, Buddy Guy February 18 Family Arena Beth Buddy Guy was great. He only played an hour, and didn't get to play all his good songs. BB King was terrible. He hardly played or sang – he mostly told stupid stories. It wasn't that he couldn't play, it's just that he didn't want to. When he did play, he made the guitar sing quite nicely. He also had some serious mic and sound problems for the first 45 minutes.
Jimmy Buffett April 29 Riverport (Verizon) Beth
Sting June 23 Riverport (Verizon) Beth Pretty good show with a symphony orchestra. The lawn was closed to make it more intimate. Was annoyed by some people nearby who talked through the entire concert.
REO Speedwagon, Pat Benetar, Night Ranger July 10 Riverport (Verizon) Beth, Tracy Shockey and Jeff Davis REO was good. Night Ranger was awesome. Pat Benetar was good. Lots of lesbians in the crowd to see Pat Benetar.
KSHE Pig Roast: Queensrÿche, Tesla, Ratt, Candlebox, Jesse James Dupree (of Jackal) September 18 Riverport (Verizon) Beth Ratt was painfully loud. Tesla and Candlebox were boring. Jesse James Dupree was pretty good – brought on some people from other music genres. Queensrÿche was excellent; their music is good, and their lead singer is very theatrical. There was an hour delay due to lightning, and they had everyone move off of the lawn and under the awning. We almost left, but were glad we stayed to hear Queensrÿche.
Zac Brown Band November 5 Scottrade Center Beth Stood up front on the floor about 12 feet from the stage. Excellent show as always, great location. Came about 4 inches from catching a tambourine they threw out into the crowd.
Barenaked Ladies November 7 Pageant Beth Excellent. They talked about what they had done in St. Louis a few days prior, and incorporated that into some of their songs. Beatle Bob was right next to us.


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Billy Joel and Elton John May 14 Scottrade Center Beth Billy Joel was excellent, and played the crowd. It felt like Elton John was just going through the motions. It was neat to see them play together though.
Zac Brown December 30 Family Arena Beth Excellent.


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Jimmy Buffett April 24 Riverport (Verizon) Beth Kayser Good. Missed quite a few songs standing in line for food and drinks.
Van Halen April 26 Scottrade (Savvis) Center Beth Kayser Disappointing. Eddie's guitar work was quite impressive, and Wolfgang was good on bass. But David Lee Roth, although in good shape, seemed like a parody of his younger self. Alex's drum solo was okay, until they added a background track with cowbell and keyboards. There was also a keyboard track for "Jump" and "Panama", which seemed really lame.
Chuck Berry December 15? Duck Room (Blueberry Hill) Beth Kayser Good. Still has the magic, if not the finger dexterity. Played a little over an hour, which is about all you can expect from him these days.
El Monstero December 26 Pageant Beth Kayser Good. Had to leave shortly after getting there, as Beth was feeling claustrophobic.


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Genesis October 2 United Center (Chicago) Beth Kayser Great. Had pretty good seats a few rows off the floor in the back corner. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Mike Rutherford.
Genesis October 3 United Center (Chicago) Beth Kayser Great. Had seats in row 30 on the floor, which was a bit hard to see the stage. Pretty much the same show as the night before (without the "Happy Birthday"). When the people next to us left, and dropped the tickets on the floor, we went and gave them to some people in the very top section of the arena. They appreciated getting to sit on the floor.
Poison, Ratt August 2 Riverport (Verizon) Beth Kayser, Todd Masin Ratt was quite good. Poison was okay, except when CC DeVille was singing.
Def Leppard, Styx July 4 Riverport (Verizon) Beth Kayser Somewhat disappointing. Def Leppard was nowhere near as good as the previous time I saw them. Missed most of Styx.
Police July 2 Scottrade (Savvis) Center Beth Kayser, John Weber, Donna Weber Somewhat disappointing. I felt that the band was not "tight", and the music often got chaotic before coming back together. Perhaps I'm just not familiar enough with their music, and that's how it's supposed to be. Sting's charisma was quite stunning though.


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Eric Clapton, Robert Cray September 18 Scottrade (Savvis) Center Beth Kayser Good, but was expecting more. It just didn't seem to have much energy behind it. (I later found out that the band has been playing the exact same set for 3 or 4 months, and some other Clapton fans agreed w/ this assessment.) And I hate being so far away from the stage that I have to watch the video screen so much. But I loved watching their fingerwork, and observing the different styles of playing. I actually enjoyed Robert Cray the most, especially the 2 songs he played along with Clapton. Clapton's 2 backing guitarists were very good, and also had their own unique styles. Neither played with a pick. Doyle Bramhall II played a left-handed guitar, but strung like a right-handed guitar, and strummed upwards. Derek Trucks was only 27, and played a guitar tuned like a steel guitar. Lots of guitar talent on the stage – perhaps 4 of the top 100 of all time.
Live August 12 Live on the Levee (St. Louis riverfront) Eric Kohring Very good. The crowd wasn't quite as excited as I would have liked, but I was up near the front close to the people who were dancing. Ed Kowalczyk was climbing on the side of the stage to start the encore. He was about 25 feet in front of us then. We stood about 50 feet from the stage, off to the side.
Grand Funk Railroad July 29 Live on the Levee (St. Louis riverfront) Laura Keller Good. Weather was really bad up until 1 hour before the show. The crowd was good sized, considering that. The lead singer was previously with 38 Special, and sang their song "Second Chance" – which sounded more like a Richard Marx song. The drummer and bass player were original members. They played mostly their hits, which were good, but not great.
Def Leppard, Journey July 21 Riverport (UMB) Laura Keller Def Leppard was excellent. They played most of their hits from the 80s, and little else. The 2 songs from their new album were covers everyone knew, and very well done. They had the crowd on their feet almost the whole time. (BTW, Def Leppard's web site is very well done.) Journey was good. They had a 2nd-string lead singer, Jeff Scott Soto, who was not as good as Steve Augeri. Deen Castronovo (the drummer) sang 2 songs ("Open Arms" and "Faithfully") and was excellent.
Rolling Stones January 27 Savvis Center alone Very good.


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band December 31 Casa Loma Ballroom Laura Keller Very good. Lots of fun, as usual.
Live October 2 Taste of St. Louis alone
Ozomatli October 1 Taste of St. Louis alone
Collective Soul August 20 Live on the Levee (St. Louis riverfront) Laura Keller Free concert on the riverfront. I liked a lot of their songs, but they did not translate well to a live concert.
Chuck Berry August 5 Argosy Alton Casino Laura Keller, Sayaka Kaneko OK. Only played 1 hour. There were some off-notes on the guitar; not sure if it was Chuck or his son, who played the other guitar. His daughter played the harmonica, which was very good. I was still able to see the magic of Chuck Berry – he was fun and funny, and still had his spirit and mannerisms. The venue was very poor; the accoustics were bad, mixing was bad, and there was no way for the crowd to stand up and dance and get into the mood. I'd like to see Chuck Berry at the Duck Room – I think that would make a huge difference.
Charlie Daniels July 23 Jefferson County Fair alone Good. Only played 90 minutes, and some of that was letting his band members play their own songs, as well as some gospel. Did not play Uneasy Rider or Trudy. Pandered to nationalist audience. Changed some lyrics to remove true shit-disturber image: "I get up in the morning; I get down in the afternoon". Still rocks hard for a 300-pound 60-year-old man though.
Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band July 15 Blues On The Mississippi Laura Keller Excellent. Lots of fun. Hot and sticky.
Arlo Guthrie March 4 Touhill Jason Very good. Lots of fun. Told stories, including Bob Dylan visiting his dad in the hospital, and starting to tour with his dad in Missouri when he was 14.


Band Date Venue Went With Comments
Santana, Ozomatli October 8 Fox Theater Jason Excellent. Great place to see Santana play. I could really hear him make the guitar sing, and he was having a great time. This was after his Supernatural album came out, but before it became super popular. Ozomatli was also very good – best opening act that I had never heard of before. Carlos even came out and danced while listening to them play.