These are some of my favorite bands.


My favorite band of all time. Unfortunately, I've only seen them in concert a few times. Oddly, although I consider Phil Collins my favorite solo singer, I prefer the Peter Gabriel era of Genesis.

Phil Collins

My favorite singer of all time. Although Phil's more recent work isn't nearly as good as his work in the 1980s.

Lenny Kravitz

My favorite modern artist. I've seen him 3 times.


My favorite modern band. I've seen them 3 times.


My favorite hard rock band. I joined their fan club recently. I've seen them 4 times in concert.

Charlie Daniels

My favorite southern rock artist. Great in concert, especially for a 300-pound 60-year-old man. I've seen him 5 times.

Chubby Carrier

A very fun Zydeco band from Louisiana. We went to see him, and every single person in the club was on the dance floor singing and dancing. The washboard player was also a lot of fun.

Local Music

Here's where to find about about the bigger events.

Here are some places to find out about the music scene in Saint Louis.


Here are some links to other music resources.

  • All Music Guide - Great resource for almost any artist, album, or song; great hyperlinks linking all sorts of info
  • AllOfMP3 - my recommendation for (legal) music downloads; great selection; also doubles as a pretty good discography, including singles