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Hello, welcome.

On this site, I tell a little about myself and my interests. I've also got some content and links that people with similar interests might find useful.


I've given several presentations on various technical topics. Mostly for the local Linux and UNIX user groups. Contact me if you're interested in having me speak to your group.


I've collected some quotes that I thought were worth saving.


I enjoy writing of various sorts. I've written some training and product manuals professionally, as well as technical editing a couple books. I've started a glossary of technical terms that I use regularly, and that are often not clear how to spell/format properly.

I manage a few web sites.

I also enjoy wordplay and have written some poetry.

I've collected some links to things I written about technology.

St. Louis

I've lived in St. Louis most of my life. I've traveled to a good number of other cities, and have interviewed for jobs in other cities, but Saint Louis is a decent place to live and work.

I'm a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. I used to go to about 10-20 games a year, but now it's only a few each year. I did get to go to Game 4 of the 2006 World Series.



I like to bake a bit. Especially desserts. Here are some of my recipes. My favorite is Gooey Butter Cookies.