The Cardinals aren't doing too well this year. Especially for World Series Champions. Their pitching is pretty bad, and they're still not feeling much like a team.

This year, Wesley bought me the "Pujols Pack" of 5 tickets for Christmas. (The past couple years, I bought him the ticket packs.)

Day Date Opponent Tickets Price Section, Seat Notes
Wed 4/5 Mets 2 ?? left-field bleachers Great pitching from both sides through 5, but then Beltran hit a home run, and the rest of the game was a blow-out. It was about 37 degrees and windy, but we stayed the whole game, partly because we came prepared. By the end, we were in great seats, because only a couple thousand people were left. Lost 0-10.
Fri 4/27 Cubs 2 $24 449, row 10, seats 18-19 Lost 3-5.
Sun 5/27 Pirates 2 $24 449, row 10, seats 18-19 Sat through an hour-long rain delay. Lost 2-7.
Thu 7/5 Diamondbacks 2 $24 449, row 10, seats 18-19 Went with Beth, because Wesley had other commitments. Won 3-2.
Fri 7/27 Brewers 12 $34 270, row 11, seats 20-21 Went with (extended) family; Marlene was in town for a SABR conference. There was a short (but heavy) rain delay. Lost 2-12. LaRussa put in most of the bench players in the later innings – Taguchi played 2nd for a couple innings, Molina and Duncan played 1st, and Bennett was the only player to play the whole game in the same position.
Wed 8/22 Marlins 2 $24 449, row 10, seats 18-19
Thu 9/20 Astros 2 $24 449, row 10, seats 18-19