Contacting Craig Buchek

You can reach me in several ways:

  • Cell phone:
  • Email:
craig (at)

By the way, I'm not a fan of voice mail. So I often won't leave a message if I don't reach you in person. And I have a hard time keeping up with the volume of email I receive sometimes.


OmniCode is an update of GeekCode, that tries to quantify some various categories of geekiness.

---------------------- OmniCode 0.1.7 -----------------------------
sxy cm188 kg87 skffebda haffd397 es+.Wavefront_Lasik sp= Ag1970
anE hdd Lo38,42N-90,24W.United_States.Missouri.Saint_Louis Zoc Pll
MvD.Car.Lotus_Elise rl? RlM Kd! MBINTP.semi_ambivert FH! UF? IN8 Ad?&I&*
----------- Omnicode ----------- 

PGP Keys

I need to create a PGP key for my personal account. If you use PGP and want to send me something securely, ping me to create a key.